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Phonic Posters

Story Bee

Differentiated Literacy Stations Yahoo Group

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Game like "Frog Press" games for Sam, Come Back

Homework Activity Boards for Unit One Stories

Social Studies Stories By Kathy Price

Suduko Boards for HFW in each Story

Extra Spell/Eng Practice Pages (Created by Karen Vogelsang...we used them as assessments instead of homework.)

Long and Short Range Planning record for RS stories created by Alix

Quietest Pencil Sharpener Click Here

Shared by LaShon created by Yolanda in AL these templates are cute I Have Who Has game cards for each month.

(shared by Carol Stafford at one of her fabulous workshops!)

Speed Drills are fast drills with the HFW for each story. Students practice reading the words and time how long it takes them to read the whole sheet. Then after practicing, they time themselves again to see how much they've improved.

Decodable Posters are 8X10 sized pages that we print off and give the kids to study each week. They have the Spelling Words for the Story, the HFW for the story and then a set of words that the children should be able to read using the phonetic skills they learn during the story for that week.

Assessment Record Sheets for the stories of Unit One...for skill words, HFW, and sentence reading.

Grammar Songs created by Andrea Cotner for Unit One skills:

HFW Recording Sheet using the Jan Richardson idea about recording the HFW the kids can write without support.

Unit One Battleship Games created by Andrea Cotner
Students need to use folders to prevent the other student from seeing their game board. Pair up students and have each one place 5 counters anywhere on the board. They take turns reading a word/phrase aloud to their partner trying to see if the partner has a "ship" (counter) on that particular word/phrase. If the buddy does, then he says "hit" and removes the ship. If he doesn't then he says "miss". The winner is the first one to "hit" all of their partner's ships.
unit one phrases for battleship

unit one HFW for battleship

Decodable stories and posters for Unit One Stories

1.1 Sam Come Back

Games and Activities:

(Spelling and English Assessment created by Courtney Thompson)

Lesson Plans:

1-2 Pig in a Wig

Games and Activities:

Lesson Plans: